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Art and Meditation

Inspired by over 20 years of meditation, mindfulness, studying Buddhist psychology and reflecting on life experience, I have been using mixed media painting, performative drawing, photography, video and hand-made book-making as supports for exploring consciousness, sensation, energy, feelings, thoughts and memories as they arise and dissolve within innate, unchanging awareness.

Multiple layers of dense thick araldite, wood ash, intensely pigmented paint, pastel, cold wax, found materials and gossamer thin Japanese handmade paper are overlaid as metaphors for the multi-dimensional, textural quality of embodied experience. I use colour, light and shade for their powerful emotional, physical and spiritual resonances. These layers are often hacked at and scraped into to reveal subtle, fine layers beneath.


My visual art is in public and private art collections in Europe and the USA. I accept commissions, give talks on Art and Meditation and welcome studio visits by appointment. I am also a qualified coach-mentor and art teacher with a Masters Degree in Fine Art. Confidential, private Mindful Creativity Mentoring Sessions and One-to-One Creative Art Tuition are offered in my studio in Botesdale, Suffolk, UK, or online.

Enquiries and bookings: 01379 897393

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